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New Delivery App Location coming soon!

Open for pick-up or delivery when placing an order through the UberEats, DoorDash or Postmates Delivery Apps

Orders can also be placed in person

Sun - Thu: 

Fri, Sat: 

Coconut Grove Farmer's Market

3300 Grand Ave. Miami, FL 33133

We're located at the NorthWest corner of the market block

Saturday only: 10am - Sunset

Local Retail Partners

South Miami / Pinecrest, FL & further south

Beehive Cafe & Juice Bar 786-504-0369 (all products)

Mr. Bean 305-964-5553 (ice cream sandwiches only)

Glaser Farm Store 305-238-7747 (signature cookies & CBD cookies only)

Coconut Grove, FL

The Last Carrot 305-445-0805 (all products)

Plantia 305-456-2503 (signature cookies only)

Coral Gables, FL

Vice City Kava 305-766-7831 (ice cream sandwiches only)

Banana Berry 305-403-6660 (signature cookies & CBD cookies only)

Mendez Fuel Gas Station 305-443-2976 (all products)

White Rose 305-264-0888 (signature cookies & brownies)

Sanato's Healthy Market 786-631-4453 (all products)

Happy & Healthy 786-353-9732 (signature cookies only)

Midtown / Wynwood, FL

Angelina's Coffee & Juice 786-494-9623 (keto and sunflower raisin cookies only)

Love Life Cafe 305-456-4148 (signature cookies only)

Verde Market 786-313-3234 (signature cookies only)

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

FunkyLove Vegan Hotdogs 786-285-7450 (ice cream sandwiches only)

Miami South Beach, FL

Lilikoi Organic Living 305-763-8692 (signature cookies & ice cream sandwiches)

Under the Mango Tree 786-558-5103 (CBD cookies only)


Little River, FL

Plantisserie 786-502-3363 (signature cookies & ice cream sandwiches)

Miami Kava & Coffee 305-603-8258 (ice cream sandwiches only)

Pompano Beach, FL

Utopia Juice Bar 954-505-8926 (all cookies)

If you'd like to see us at one of your favorite stores/shops, please send us an email at: or call/text


Can't make it to a market or store? No problem!

We deliver locally around Miami and also ship anywhere in the United States!

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