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You can find us every Saturday from 10 am-sunset at the

Coconut Grove Farmer's Market

We're located at the NorthWest corner of the market block

3300 Grand Ave. Miami, FL 33133



We're open evenings in Downtown Coral Gables

190 Minorca Ave. Coral Gables FL, 33134

(Inside 'Sanatos Healthy Market' corner shop)

 Mon   Closed

Tues   Closed

Wed   7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Thur   Closed

Fri    7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Sat   7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Sun   7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

call or text (330) 881-4676 to pre-order

Local Partners

South Miami / Pinecrest, FL & further south

The Sugar Boutique (pre-orders only)

Tea & Poets (signature cookies only)

Beehive Cafe & Juice Bar (all products)

Mr. Bean (ice cream sandwiches only)

Glaser Farm Store (signature cookies & CBD cookies only)


Coral Gables / Coconut Grove, FL

Sanato's Healthy Market (all products)

The Last Carrot (all products)

Banana Berry (signature cookies & CBD cookies only)

Mendez Fuel Gas Station (all products)

White Rose (signature cookies & brownies)

Midtown / Wynwood / Little River, FL

Angelina's Coffee & Juice (all products)

Love Life Cafe (all products)

Organic Food Kings (ice cream sandwiches only)

The Plantisserie (signature cookies & ice cream sandwiches)

The Cat's Meow Cafe (signature cookies only)

Perrology Vegan Hotdogs (ice cream sandwiches only)

Alex Coffee Roasters (signature cookies & keto cookies)

Miami Beach / Miami Shores, FL

Lilikoi Organic Living (signature cookies & ice cream sandwiches)

Under the Mango Tree (CBD cookies only)

Mima Market (ice cream sandwiches only)

Pompano Beach, FL

Utopia Juice Bar (all cookies)

If you'd like to see us at one of your favorite stores/shops, please send us an email at:

Can't make it to a market or store? No problem!

We deliver locally around Miami and also ship anywhere in the United States!

click here to order now

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